Other Conditions

Cancer Treatment Support: “I have been a loyal patient since July of 2006 and the results are absolutely remarkable! I have no more hip pain, the toxins in my body from my chemotherapy treatments are much reduced, my hot flashes are completely gone, and my energy is returning. I am so happy that I found Lee!” –  Lynne S, Mercer Island, WA

Cancer Treatment Support: “I began seeing Lee towards the end of my first round of chemotherapy this past fall. Chemo is supposed to get worse as you progress, but I found myself needing to take less anti-nausea pills and recovering quicker. I’ve done acupuncture in a group setting, but at Able I get a private room with relaxing music and a heat lamp or blanket to stay warm. Occasionally Lee adds cupping at the end of my treatments, which is pure heaven. My first treatment was better than most of the massages I’ve had. I went home feeling like a big pile of jelly” – Sara C. (Seattle, WA)

TMJ Disorder: “One month ago I woke up with locked jaw. For the following couple of days, I could only eat liquid food and food the size of a peanut. I could not talk clearly. After a few days, I came to Dr. Huang for acupuncture treatment. After the first treatment, I could open my mouth 1 ½ fingers wide. I could eat and talk almost as normal as before. I am getting better and better along with treatments. Now after 6 treatments, the only discomfort I have is the little pain in the jaw when I yawn. This is amazing! Lee Huang is very caring and friendly. She does not only care about my TMJ but also the stress of my whole body. The treatments she gave me help me release stress too. I feel very blessed to have her as my doctor.” – Zhuolin Li

TMJ Disorder: “I had been suffering from terrible TMJ for about 6 months when I first went to Lee. It was so bad I had only been eating soup and cottage cheese. After a few visits I could really tell it was improving and after 5 visits the TMJ was 100% better. It was such a relief to feel better! Lee is amazing and really listens to you. I can recommend her whole heartedly” – Jayne S. (Mercer Island, WA)

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