Hand Swelling: “Swelling has subsided and thumbs are functional. She (Lee Huang) is able to locate the problem and find a solution. I am very satisfied.” – Suzanne C.

Morton’s Neuroma: “I was treated over the course of several months by Lee at Able Acupuncture for neuromas in my left foot. The pain from walking or even standing for very long was greatly reduced by the treatments. Lee is a very caring and practitioner and I have recommended her to everyone I know.” -Marti B. (Seattle, WA)

Numbness: “I first came to see Lee in April of 2007 with numbness in my face, arm, and foot that had persisted for several months. In the past, I saw a neurologist who only increased my migraine medicine and said that it would take a while to go away. Since I have been seeing Lee, the numbness has decreased in both severity and frequency!” – David R. (Mercer Island, WA)

Hernia Surgery Recover: “When my ongoing abdominal discomfort threatened to derail this year’s Seattle Marathon Walk, when it didn’t dissipating as hoped in the four-to-six weeks after reinforcing mesh implants for hernia surgery, I decided to give it an acupuncture try anyway. Fortunately, completely contrary to my expectations, Lee’s acupuncture worked and I completed the Seattle Marathon Walk and have even started limited biking again. Her treatment has lessened my lower abdominal swelling as well as diminished its tightness.
I believed I could trust an acupuncturist who had been a physician and surgeon in her own right. After 26.2 miles Seattle Marathon Walk I knew I was right.” – John G. (Mercer Island, WA)

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