Shoulder Pain

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain


Sports Injury: “I had a severe skiing accident and was doing physical therapy but was still in pain. Lee did miracles; I stopped the pain medications after three visits. On a ten-point scale, she gets an eleven! She is terrific” – Mark H. (Mercer Island)

Repetitive Stress Syndrome and SI Joint Issue: “New to Mercer Island in 2009, I found myself in need of acupuncture for repetitive stress syndrome and an SI joint issue. I found Lee and feel very fortunate to have done so. She never insisted that I come a certain number of times per week, nor did she pressure me into coming when I could not. With my busy work schedule, it was a tremendous benefit being able to go when I felt the need and not at the drs. urging. Each treatment really helped with my symptoms. She is a very kind and knowledgeable practitioner and I found much more relief with her than through Chiropractic care. The added bonus was the relaxation that went hand in hand with the treatment. I highly recommend Lee. She is one of the best”   – Annalisa P. (Mercer Island, WA)

Back Pain: “I had back pain for over three years, which I tried to correct by seeing a top-rated doctor in Seattle and by undergoing three months of physical therapy. Unfortunately, I had no improvement and it wasn’t until I started seeing Lee that I began to feel much better. In fact, after only one treatment my pain had decreased by 75% and I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in years! I now see Lee on a regular basis and my pain has now decreased by 90% and my mobility is much better!” – Georgene H., Woodinville, WA

Recovery from a Fall: “I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Lee Huang since I slipped and fell. I tried chiropractic and massage, with little results. A good friend of mine, a nurse, told me I needed to try acupuncture and gave me the name of another practitioner. I did not go to that practitioner, using the excuse that it was too far to drive. Imagine my surprise when God put Lee down the hall from me. I am now able to make my 11-mile commute home on a daily basis without breaking down in tears. Eight treatments so far and I look forward to each one. I refer to my treatments as my “nap time.” I am completely free of pain meds. I would highly recommend seeing Lee. I am much improved and I see her on a regular basis” -. Kathy M. (Issaquah, WA)

Back Pain: “I started to see Lee in summer, 2006. I am suffering from back pain due to stress, and I would get headaches from muscle tension through my shoulders and neck. After one treatment with Lee, I immediately noticed reduced muscle tension and better sleep.” – Michael B.

Back & Knee Pain: “I have been going to Lee for about 4 months to relieve back & knee pain from a fall. I tried many other ways to get relief but none worked. A friend suggested I try acupuncture. I am off my pain meds and walking again! I look forward to each treatment & highly recommend Lee. She is caring professional. I refer to my treatments as my nap time because I always fall asleep on her table. She’s deserves all 5 stars!” –  Kathy M. (Issaquah, WA)

Sciatica: “When I found Dr Lee, I had recently experienced three unsuccessful Lumbar Epidurals, and was scheduled for back surgery for Sciatica. I knew from the minute I met her, we were on the same wavelength. She is Knowledgeable, caring; warm, ready to go the extra step for her patients. My life has changed completely from the help she has given me. I had not been able to stand long enough in my kitchen to cook a meal, do any yard work, housework.etc. I shortly tossed out the prescribed pain pills that were slowly eating me up. And, The Surgery never happened! I have had people tell me I look taller, since I am not so bent over. Lee is the one to see, if you need help for a broken body. What a blessing she has been in my life. I know the Lord led me to her.” – Sally W. (Mercer Island, WA)

Chronic Pain: “Excruciating pain with every step I took (the worst pain in my 79 years of life). Combined with physical therapy, after 8 treatments I found myself virtually pain free.” – Abraham K.

Car Accident: “After my car accident in May of 2011 I was referred to acupuncture by my chiropractor. Skeptical at first, I began my treatment with Lee. She sensed my hesitancy about the needles from the get go and took a gentle approach. Even after the very first session I felt balanced, energized, and for the first time, a little relief from my pain. Lee is truly an amazing healer and 5 stars just don’t do justice for how much she’s helped me on this road to recovery. I can’t thank her enough! Go see Lee!!” – Lauren F. (Seattle, WA)

Chronic Pain: “I am addicted to narcotics for chronic pain. Ninety percent of the pain has gone after one treatment with Lee. Lee’s service is excellent.” –  Theresa M.

Chronic Pain: “I hurt all over and could hardly stand. I don’t feel 85 years old now. I feel about 50 yrs. now. And I don’t hurt anywhere. Lee is fantastic!” – Mike P.

Chronic Pain: “A year and a half ago I was experiencing constant pain which traditional medicine and chiropractic treatment was not alleviating. I had a fear of needles, but was willing to try anything. Lee was great. She explained the treatment well and made me feel more comfortable about the process. The pain subsided and we are working now with me allergies and energy issues. I highly recommend her.” –  S. M. (Mercer Island, WA)

Neck Pain: “Able Acupuncture on Mercer Island has worked wonders for me and my overall health and well being. Lee Huang has treated me on and off for the past two years to alleviate my chronic back and neck pain. Lee’s treatments have been extremely successful in managing my pain and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to try acupuncture. Lee is kind, caring and extremely qualified in her profession” -. Theresa M. (Mercer Island, WA)

Leg Pain:I have been seeing Lee for a month to address pain and tingling in my left arm. After several treatments the pain has decreased a lot and the episodes are much shorter. I highly recommend her service – she has done wonders for my pain and improved my energy level as well.” Victoria N. (Bellevue, WA)

Arthritis/Back Pain: “I had severe back pain and an arthritic knee and I used a walker for weeks. My back pain improved with two treatments by Lee. I no longer need a walker” -Horace H. (Mercer Island)

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